Boat people of Amsterdam

Boat people of Amsterdam
Boat people of Amsterdam isbn: 9789047705833

The book Boat people of Amsterdam is the translated book of the original dutch book “Nooit Nooit Nooit meer aan de wal written by Jowi Schmitz & Friso Spoelstra translated by Jonathan Ellis.

Boat People

It tells all about the life onboard houseboats in Amsterdam. From former river Captains living on their former ships. To Yuppies living and working in Amsterdam since living on the canals became popular this millennium. Also about the floating village made at Ijpurg, The man made island on the East North East side of  Amsterdam.

  • ISBN-10: 9047705831
  • ISBN-13: 978-9047705833
  • Publisher: Lemniscaat, Uitgeverij; 1 edition (11 Jun. 2013)

The Book

A photo book by Friso Spoelstra and Jowi Schmitz. This Pop up exhibition photo book shows a very interesting insight of the Amsterdam house boats and their inhabitants.

Tourists were so drawn to the Dutch book and found it so beautiful that they bought the Dutch version without even being able to read it.
Now it has been translated and edited, they’ll have twice the fun with the booklaunch of Boat People Of Amsterdam: Water in words and images. the original title translates one on one to “Never, Never, Never again on solid ground.”

Once started because of a housing crisis were the real estate prices of Amsterdam where sky rocketing. Nowaday living on a houseboat is pure luxury since most locations are prime with beautiful views over the canals and other waterways of Amsterdam. The prices of houseboats in Amsterdam now follows the normal housing market and sometimes even surpasses is since they are free floating villas on the waterfront. Around the globe the most valued locations any way.

The best way to have a look and feel how it is to live in Amsterdam on a houseboat is to own one the next best thing is either buy this book or book a houseboat on your next trip to Amsterdam instead of stay in a regular hotel.

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