Smart Floating Farms

Smart Floating Farms (SFF)


The Why

Why they came up with the Smart Floating Farms “The world population is predicted to grow from 6.9 billion in 2010 to 8.3 billion in 2030 and to 9.1 billion in 2050. By 2030, food demand is predicted to increase by 50% (70% by 2050). The main challenge facing the agricultural sector is not so much growing 70% more food in 40 years, but making 70% more food available on the plate.”

United Nations

“Facing the current challenges of cities growing, land consumption and climate change, I believe projects like the Smart Floating Farms can help change some of the existing paradigms which have led us to the present situation and open new possibilities which can improve the quality of human life and the environment. Based on a Floating Platform Multi-layered strategy which combines Aquaculture(fish), Hydroponics-Aeroponics (crops) and Photovoltaics(solar power & other renewable energies), The smart Floating Farms aim is that they  can be located close to areas where food is more needed and potentially become clusters of automated smart floating Farms run by the use of IT technologies/software.”

The project is a flexible one able to adapt its dimensions to the local food production needs and can be located close to many mega-cities or dense populated areas with water access (sea-lakes-rivers) , in example but not restricted to, places like NY, Chicago, Seattle, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai, Jakarta, Cairo, HK, Shangai, Sao Paulo, Doha, Osaka, Bangkok,Shenzen,Bahrain,Abu Dhabi,Dubai, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Montreal,Jeddah,Kuwait city, Seoul, Karachi, Sydney, and a long etc.

The smart Floating Farms are not science fiction. It is a serious and viable solution. It is not meant to ‘solve’ all of humanity’s hunger problems or to replace existing traditional agriculture; this is not the idea at all. The driver behind the project is to open a new initiative which can be complementary and compatible with other existing production methods in order to help reduce food risk associated problems in different areas of the globe.

TYPE: Automated offshore Multi-layer food & energy production platforms.Flexibility-adaptability-resilience
LOCATION: Global initiative – Open for implementation in different countries with water access and massive food imports, land/water scarcity, food supply/production problems,etc.
STATUS: Creative expandable project.

Author: Javier F. Ponce, Principal
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