4 Rivers Floating Lodge

The floating lodge

The floating lodge is a exclusive luxury resort, an isolated peaceful resort hidden in a pristine part of the Cambodian jungle. during your stay you are totally secluded form busy tourist trails to ancient civilizations and the buzz of the chaotic city life. The floating lodge is a ecological miracle, a hidden gem, a diamond in the rough in other words it’s totally unique. hidden in a unspoild virgin forest with rare orchids and a whole array of wildlife.

 if eco-tourism conjures up visions of uncomfortable beds, leaky tents and songs round a campfire, 4 Rivers is not for you.

The Concept of the floating lodge

This top of the line luxury resort is the perfect symbiosis of a environmentally friendly constructed floating lodge in a totally  unspoiled nature. The materials used in making this floating lodge possible are modern composites to conserve the local trees and other classic building materials, to give the luxury felling. an advanced waste water management system makes sure there is no strain on the local river eco system. And by not building the floating lodge onsite there was no need to make acces roads or anything else. in other words the surrounding forest is untouched by the whole floating lodge. This is the big advantage of floating structures. They are build on a yard where construction is easy and efficient and later the whole floating logde was towed peace by peace to is’t location upstream on the river.


An eco lodge in Cambodia

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