Maladives Greenstar Hotel

The Greenstar, a Floating Hotel concept with over 800 rooms and a Conference Center for for up to 2000 guests. Situated in one of the Maldives athols it will blend-in naturally with the existing surrounding islands

This floating star shaped Conference center can easily become a main conference location for talks about the climate change, water management and sustainability.

The green covered star-shape building symbolizes Maldivians innovative route to conquer climate change

The Greenstar is designed as a Sea Star with 5 legs but since 6 legs will build, 1 will stay at the yard and by the time they need a whole leg renovated or redesigned they do all the work onboard leg number 6. and after that they change one leg for the 6th leg. After that they are on a annual renovation cycle of one of the legs..

And since the Greenstar Hotel is a floating structure there are only the sea anchors that are permanent so if they ever want to change location, they leave nothing behind.

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