X2 River Kwai Resort

X2 River Kwai Resort

Daydreaming of a tropical warm hideaway in the beautiful South East Asian country of Thailand? Floating on the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi are the new amazing prefab holiday getaways designed by Agaligo Studio. They crafted these gorgeous floating lightweight, eco friendly X-Float structures as an addition to the X2 River Kwai Resort.

Guest of the resort where never disturbed by their construction since the construction was completely done off-site. And only when they where finished towed upriver for installation on site.
Situated at the river bend, all units are oriented such that their river views are maximized and such that they are as much as possible shielded from the harsh, tropical afternoon sunlight. The result is that floating homes overlook uninterrupted picturesque views of Thailand’s lush mountains and river landscape.

Though Kanchanaburi is already famous for its floating houses and rafts, these distinctive structures, the X-Float’s stands out from its predecessors with its distinct design that blends a contemporary aesthetic with vernacular influences. Described as the “volumetric evolution of a raft,” the X-Float is crafted with a lightweight steel frame and clad with fiber cement siding and plywood.

The X-Float units are staggered to provide privacy and faced with floor-to-ceiling glazing for uninterrupted landscape views. Guests can also enjoy the outdoors from the rooftop terrace and balcony.

The interior is outfitted with a large bedroom, electricity, as well as a bath and shower unit. All wastewater and sewage are properly treated before being released back into the river. The architects also added aquatic plants, such as reed, papyrus, and pondweed, around the units to improve natural water filtration.

  • Architecture: Agaligo Studio
  • Lighting Design: Studio Accent
  • Engineering: Chainarong Siangpraiphan
  • Location: Kanchanaburi on the river Kwai, Thailand
  • (13°57’59.66″N, 99°27’55.92″E)
Area: 110 Sq.M.
Year: 2015

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