Floating skate ramp

The floating skate ramp.

Pro Skater Bob Burnquists has created a floating skate ramp on Lake Tahoe in Calafornia


The floating skateboard ramp that has been installed on Lake Tahoe as part of Visit California’s Dream365 tourism campaign weighs 7,300 lb (3,311 kg). The floating skate ramp took four days and 300 man hours to complete before it was lowered into the Californian lake and put to the test by pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

Designed by Jeff King and Jerry Blohm, the creation features an 8 ft (2.4 m) tall wooden bank ramp accompanied by a smaller 5 ft (1.5 m) secondary ramp. Both wooden ramps rest on top of a 36 ft (11 m) long floating platform, with the ramps stained with different colors for a creative effect and polished to optimize skating speed.

“We had a host of folks coming up to the floating skate ramp on the way out to see what it was exactly,” says Jerry Blohm. “When they got close most could not believe it! It looks like it is fake, floating with no supports.”

The floating skate ramp on lake tahoeBob Burnquist had fun showing-off his skate moves on the floating ramp while a film crew shot a promotional video to attract tourists to the state of California. During filming, a snorkeler was on hand to dive into the water and retrieve Burnquist’s board every time it went over. Burnquist finished off the shoot with a massive air jump over the ramp and into the lake.

“Brazilian-born Bob loved the ramp so much he wants one just like it built at his waterfront home in his home country,” says Visit California.

You can see Burnquist and the design team in action in the video.

Sources: Visit CaliforniaJerry BlohmBob Burnquist via Gizmodo

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