Antiroom 2, a self-built floating pavilion of the coast of Malta

Antiroom 2 a floating island on the sea of malta

Antiroom II

Antiroom 2 is a space aimed at generating contemplative experiences

Antiroom 2 a floating island on the sea of maltaAntiroom 2 is a self-built floating pavillion on the sea of the coast of Valletta, Malta. Designed by Elena Chiavi, Ahmed El Mad and Matteo Goldoni and built by them and students from European countries during the EASA links 2015 workshop in Valletta, Malta .

Antiroom 2 is a floating structure, unreachable from the ground, only to be accessed by sea, swimming or by boat. a man made island that can slowly drift away, as a new isolated world.

The floating self-standing circular pavilion, made out of wood and with white veil that flows with the wind. The centre defined as a small and secure water pool.

Antiroom 2 a light and gentle floating pavilion airy and an airy floating


Antiroom 2 by elena chiavi ahmed el mad and matteo goldoniantiroom-2-detail-of the-structure antiroom-2-floating-island-in-the-wind  antiroom-2-self-built-pavilion Antiroom-2-EASA-links-2015-valletta-malta antiroom-2-can-only-be-reached-swimming antiroom-2-is-a-white-space-floating-on-the-blue-water Antiroom-2-an-eternal-circular-temple Antiroom-2-drawings-of top-side-and-3dAntiroom-2-arial-view-from-a-drone Antiroom-2

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