Humber Keel Naatje

Humber Keel Naatje by Insinger & Co. Aquatic Urbanism

Humber Keel Naatje

Humber keel Naatje is a modern build houseboat according to a line plan of a classic Humber keel. with more then 130 sqm (1400 sqft) of livable space, divided in 3 cabins 2 bathrooms a main living with open kitchen and the Deckhouse doubles as Dining room, office and sunroom with acces to the Terras infant of the Deckhouse. With a mooring in the centre of Amsterdam right between the Ann Frank house and the Rijksmuseum, in the hart of the Ninestreets, This Beauty is a welcome addition to the houseboats of Amsterdam. Moored at the foot a very beautifully restored historical warehouse it adds to the looks of the old town.

Naatje Humber keel Amsterdam Naatje Humber keel Amsterdam

Since it is a newly build Keel the hull is made of 10mm steel and there is sufficient headroom under the Deckhouse to have ample room for 2 bathrooms and the central hallway. Of the newly designed Humber Keel Houseboat a second build is already underway. Also being build for a owner in Amsterdam. but slightly shorter.  Pictures of that version will follow shortly once the build is well underway.

The Humber Keel

The Humber Keel was a type of sail craft used for inshore and inland cargo transport around Hull and the Humber Estuary, in the United Kingdom, particularly through the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The ship is a descendant of the Saxon ship of the fifth century AD. build around a longitudinal strengthening beam (the Keel).

more to follow

#naatje #prinsengracht without the Nautilus in front. Have a good trip to the yard Sophie. Come back safe and soon

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