Recreational Island

Recreational island by Henry Ward Design

Recreational Island

Henry Ward Design have developed the recreational Island as a tender for Super Yachts but it can as easily be used for hospitality of other commercial or private use.

We wanted to design an innovative super yacht accessory like no other – a Recreational Island that would allow guests to enjoy a range of activities in shallow waters away from the mother ship.The Recreational Island is not only for super yachts though; it can readily be adapted for corporate hospitality, event management and even military purposes.This website sets out our vision for a versatile design that will allow you to create memorable experiences on the water. We hope you enjoy.

Henry Ward Designer

The design concept is a folding, floating platform, which in its folded position can be stored in a tender bay of a large yacht.Once out on the water, the Island unfolds to reveal everything you need for a great day out. Whether people simply want to relax on the sumptuous sunbeds, socialise with friends around the glass floored seating area, sip cocktails round the bar or use the Island as base for more energetic activities such as swimming, scuba diving or wakeboarding, this is an Island with something for everyone.

This is just one example of a layout, as each new Island can be designed to meet the individual client’s specific requirements. For those that don’t have a yacht, how about a Recreational Island for your waterside house or hotel?

The Recreational Island has been designed to optimise available space, whether it is opened out on the water, or tucked away in the garage of your super yacht. It is deployed using two standard overhead cranes and once in the water it is towed using a second tender to a preferred location. Once there, a pressurised hydraulic system opens the Island out, complete with all the fittings. Four anchors hold it in place while you enjoy your time on and around your Island.

Alternative Uses
Even though the Recreational Island has been designed for the super yacht industry, it has many more applications that are limited only by your imagination. We are also currently investigating the option to configure the island for use as a portable helicopter landing platform. This option would significantly extend a superyacht’s facilities without the need to sacrifice valuable deck space.Other potential uses:

The Hotel Industry
What if the next hotel you stayed in had an Island and allowed you to hire it out for the day to really have your own space, rather than being with the crowds around the beach… If the Recreational Island was configured as a portable helipad, guests could also be flown in / out.

The Events Industry
Maybe the next water sports competition you go to has the judging panel right out on the water, giving them full 360 degree views of the action, while also giving the competitors a place to return to for refreshments…

Private Waterside Houses

The Recreational Island may also be kept on a mooring by a waterside house, so if landing space is limited it would allow you to fly in when required, or simply be used for recreational activites.

Armed Forces

We believe the Recreational Island would be an important product for the armed forces as it can be used as a mobile helipad, useful when there is nowhere to land when dropping off evacuees for example.

Coast Guard

Coast and life guards could also use the Recreational Island as a base on the water to be nearer potential emergencies out at sea. A key area would be busy seaside resorts.

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