Recreational home in Aalsmeer

Rec Island

A rec island very near to Amsterdam. Nearly next to the airport Schiphol there is a very nice lake with a lot of water based activities. One of witch is summer and weekend retreats that are afloat, here is a nice simple example of as small project where they combined classic concrete construction with lightweight foam core concrete construction and also it is devided into 3 separate parts so transport is easy.

Construction Concept

In this design they combined two idears into one:

normally with a concrete base the weight of the base and the uplifting power of a boyant body in fluid need to be in balance. as an example for a concrete base of 100m2 with a dept of 1,5m the uplifting force is 150 ton’s if you construct such a base the walls are aproxemitly 30cm and the whole base will weigh about 80 ton’s So you will need a lot of extra mass to get the base to a dept of nearly 1,5m. By combining concrete and foam you get a smaller bit for extra space underwater and suficient lifting power to stay afloat.

Apart from this the advantage of making it from 3 seperate building blocks, 2 foam core 1 full concrete, is that it is easier to transport the base to the final destination.

This rec island is modern simple and sunny, what else does a person need…


The source website is in dutch only..










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