Mc Barge gets a new life

Mc Donalds floating Mc Barge

The old and rusting Mc Barge Mc Donald’s floating restaurant. A left over from the Expo ’86. will get a new life as a marina as a marina

This old rusting Mc Barge is all that remains of a once grand idea for a floating McDonalds, constructed in the mid ’80’s specially for the Expo ’86 World Fair. this old barge has been nick named the McBarge by residents of Vancouver. Here it has been left abandoned for the past 23 years, surrounded by other industrial wrecks and machinery. But know it’s luck might be changed. The McBarge is set to be renovated, with plans underway to create a brand new waterfront marina in Mission, British Columbia.

Once refurbished the idea is that this old Ghost ship will be home to several restaurants instead of just one. Hopefully they perceive it’s beauty without making it look like a golden arches once more..



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