Food market for Singapore

Floating Food Market

Spark Archiects came up with a¬†concept of a floating food market for Singapore. Singapore has always been a “Water city”. but the last decennia the industrial pace and the big real estate developments have turned the Singaporean slightly away from the water. This floating food market concept is all about restoring the conection¬†between people and the water. all around te globe you can feel an evolution in the way we look and value the water in our city surroundings.

A floating food market is to of the best things in life merged into one. Asia has always been famous for its street food, in Singapore since long there are the famous food courts and food markets but the best atmosphere in this simmering hot city is on the waterside. In other words nothing beats sipping on a Singapore Sling with some King Crab breathing the fresh air and moving slightly about on this floating food market.

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