19th Bradesco Seguros Floating Christmas Tree

Rio de Janeiro , November 29, 2014.  The largest floating Christmas tree in the world has been lit-up with light’s once more in Rio de Janeiro. It was the 19th time that this, according to the Guinness Book of Records, biggest floating christma tree has been inaugurated in Rio de Janeiro at a big free event, witch brought together thousands of people on the shores of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon to watch the lightning of the Bradesco Saguaros floating Christmas tree.  One of the largest events in Rio after the Carnaval and the New Year’s Eve Réveillon celebration.

The Bradesco Seguros floating Christmas tree weighs 542 tons and stands 85 meters tall, equivalent to a 28-storey building. To illuminate this megastructure, 3.1 million miniature bulbs were installed, 120,000 meters of light strands, 24,000 meters of tubular structure, 2,150 strobes and 100 LED reflectors, as well as five generators on barges. Some 1,200 people – including producers, engineers and artists – are involved in the project.

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Bradesco Seguros floating Christmas tree
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