Star Super Yacht or private island

Star Super yacht. This new conceptual design for a super yacht is almost at the point of being something entirely different. When re we still talking about a yacht or a boat and when is it a private island afloat..

From the design office of Lobanov in corporation with Naval architect BMT Nigel Gee and after an idea from the brain of  Alex Malybaev came this unbelievable design.

Star Superyachts is a impressive and unique design with a overall length of 132 metre. in height it points a staggering 60 meters. It is all electric and since it’s symmetrical in design is has no real bow and stern is is for real a double ender.

with a designed top speed of 18+ kts this 3500 sqm Luxurious private island has vast possibilities of changing your morning and evening view


Malybaev penned an idea “on a napkin” and asked me if a yacht could be like that. I looked at the sketch and set to work. The idea was so great that I wanted to prove it could become a yacht.

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