Abu Dhabi Mirage Hotel

Abu Dhabi Mirage…another seven star.
The mirage is a refraction phenomena that occurs when warm air and cold air meet. The as the heat rises from the ground the air is also heated to create a illusion of an oasis. This illusion disappears when you draw close to the site and it is seen again in the distance. Mirage are commonly seen on asphalt roads and desserts where the surface of the ground is hot.
The Abu Dhabi Mirage Hotel holds a different interpretation of the normal mirage phenomena, the Mirage for our design concept was the reflection our fantasy and dreams. The organic volume of the building make the building look different from each perspective, and the fish scale like panels that look to the sea create a very mystical light like a mirage, and the giant sea gate was made so that those who walk through is feel as if they are entering into the their fantasy dream world.


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